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Text for Page 023 [03-08-1862]

	Knaveries of Beckett Bellew.     Engaged
		by Dana for the Tribune.
ing one from sister Rosa.     Items: about Bellew�s
borrowing transaction from Boutcher and this, of
Beckett. � � A regular swindler; he took a large
furnished house of two single ladies, ruined their
furniture, had dog and rat-hunts in the drawing
room, and after keeping the house some time, decamp-
ed without paying any rent.        The owners have come
upon Robert Gun (who, bye the bye, is a very good
fellow) as the referee.�      Beckett also swindled an
acquaintance of Bob�s, a tradesman, newly start-
ed in business, of a quantity of jewels.   Charley
often looks in at Bob Gun�s and likes him.   George
Clarke is godfather to Boutcher�s child.     Sarah
Ann Bolton is going to pay her first visit to Mrs
Charley; Mary Bennett in town, and a so journey
to Highbury Grange on the part of my mother and
Naomi has ascertained that Mrs Church has return-
ed to Paris, designing to re-cross the Atlantic
from France.      A messenger from Dana, request-
ing my to come to him.   Put aside story I was scrib-
ling (for a long time as it proved) and hurried down
town by omnibus.    A brief interview.  �I�m going to
send you to the army in Virginia.�         �All right.�
�I want you to start this afternoon; the advance
may be immediate.�  �I�d like to have till Monday
but can go to-day.�     Writing, rapidly, all the time
a note of introduction for me to Sam. Wilkeson, the
Washington editor of the Tribune, Dana added:               
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