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Text for Page 024 [03-08-1862]

	     Good bye to New York.
�We shall give you $20 a week and expenses.�  I
got $50 in hand at the publishing office below, af-
ter shaking hands with the editor and then jumped
into a stage and rode up town, after looking in
at Haney�s and saying good bye to him.   I thought
over what articles were indispensable in my ride,
did twenty minutes hasty packing, said good bye
to Mrs Boley, Jewitt and Lloyd (at cards in the
parlor) met Bradshaw in the street, and at the
corner of Broadway and Bleecker, paused with
my trunk, waiting the passage of a Jersey Ferry
omnibus.   The afternoon was a fine, sunny one,
and the street crowded with gaily dressed prome-
naders, who assumed an unwanted aspect of
interest in my eyes, in consideration of what sce-
nes I might look on before I beheld this fami-
liar one again.  Among the rest Grace and Nelly
swept by.     To the Ferry; got ticket; checked trunk
to Washington and found I had the best part
of an hour to dispose of before the departure of the
train.      So I went back to Nassau street amid
the long shadows and the crowds of people, setting
uptownwards.     Looked into Robertson�s office and
said good-bye to him; again into Haney�s, but
he had departed.      And going to take a hasty
and lonely snack at Crook and Duff�s, to serve as
supper, I met Damoreau, released from his
daily toil at Harper�s.    So he went and drank               
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