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Text for Page 025 [03-08-1862]

	From New York to Washington.
with me and we returned to the ferry together,
parting on the other side, amid all the din and
clang of the dep�t.      Charley took the cars to his
home and wife and I leant back to think of
what was before me as the cars train tore through
the lonely, snow-covered Jersey landscape.      It
was very dark and chilly by the time we reached
Philadelphia or its Kensington suburb, and I thought
of poor Greatbatch and my last visit here, while
a foolish posse of girls and young men, who had crow-
ded in, cackled inharmoniously.         A ride by horse
car for three miles or so � gong � noise � blare of
light � change of cars and off for Baltimore.
The new cars had a stove and fire, welcome
enough, so I ate my last sandwich, finished
a pocket flash of whiskey and dozed.   Balti-
more.       Dark streets with houses having lights
in their upper windows � people going to bed �
a few idlers at thresholds and lonely, leisurely pe-
destrians going home.   An odd whirl of ideas in
  9.  Sunday.}       my head; thoughts of the past and
present; of being �drawn to the Loadstone rock,�
of Hannah�s portrait in my breast pocket, of what
I was going to and of what was doing at 132 Blee-
cker street.        Dozing as well as I could with the
glare of a lamp in my eyes.         Day breaking over
lonely rivers, bridges and patches of brown Mary-
land forest.      Next the District of Columbia.    A               
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