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Text for Page 027 [03-09-1862]

	In Washington.     Alf Waud.
crowd of blue-uniformed soldiers at the dep�t.
Up Pennsylvania Avenue in Willard�s stage, to
the hotel of that name, arriving there by 7.  As I
had learnt that Alf. Waud took his meals there,
I inquired for him.    He was known but not visible.
So after trying for his lodging at sundry houses
opposite Willard�s, I went to the Ebbitt House,
to which I had been directed to find Wilkeson.
But he had moved to the Rugby House; so after
a visit to the little Tribune Office in F. street, at
the back of Willard�s, I walked to the Rugby House
and sent up my credentials to Wilkeson, who was
abed, and who responded by bidding me meet him
at the office in a hour and a half.          Another un-
successful attempt to find Waud again; then to
breakfast at the Ebbitt House.   The place was crow-
ded, principally with young fellows in the uniforms
of captains and lieutenants.     An hour or more of
bed, then to Willard�s.        Met Alf Waud.     He
had, I think, been spending yesterday over the
Potomac, and his horse, a chunky, thick-necked
ungraceful animal, looking as if he had stepped
from out of the frieze of the Parthenon, was hitched
with dozens of others, near the hotel.    Waud him-
self had on two heavy, coarse cotton or flannel shirts,
a felt hat and high boots, pretty well muddied.         He
talked semi-military and self-assurant.          To the
Rugby House together, he riding (very awkwardly)               
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