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Text for Page 028 [03-09-1862]

	Waud, Edge, Wilkeson and others.
I walking.    Back.     Alf. commended Wilkeson
as a good fellow, adding, grudgingly, �though he
did like whiskey, and wanted to have McClellan
sent to Fort Lafayette.�       I may add, here it was
that I discovered Waud to be a thick and thin
partisan of McClellan; sometimes offensively,
blatantly so.   He did the �what should civilians
know about military matters;� &c and hailed with
satisfaction the liberal dictum of a Massachusetts
Lieutenant-Colonel of his acquaintance: �Any man
must be a d____d fool who says a word 
against George B. Mc Clellan!�       Presently Waud
took his departure, being bound for a day with
�Heintzelman�s.�   I got introduced to one Myer,
a Tribune man, and met Edge, whose former
Washington lodging I had previously discovered.
The little man had paused at Philadelphia on
his way and had now put up at the Ebbitt House.
Met Wilkeson very soon afterwards.    He, a
man with an essentially Tribunish face, keen eyes
and grizzled beard,x gave me carte blanche for the
day, which, anon, passed rapidly and pleasant-
ly enough, principally in the vicinity of Willard�s
or the Ebbitt.         At the former amid the crowd
of officers, office-holders and newspaper men, I
became acquainted with one Page, a young Illi-
noian (who had a berth, I think in the Treasury
Building) and met Webb of the N.Y. Times,
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