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Text for Page 029 [03-09-1862]

   In Washington.  The �Merrimac� and �Monitor.�
� here on reportorial duty and sore and spattered from recent
unaccustomed equestrian exercise.         Myer, a good-
natured, approbative young fellow, I suppose of
Jewish descent, had been in Mississippi on the begin-
ning of the war and had much of interest to tell
of it.        I spent the afternoon party with him,
partly with Page, who showed me the Treasury,
the White House, Lincoln�s carriage, the unfinish-
ed Washington Monument, a distant view of the
capitol, under the clear, cold, sunny afternoon.
Returning to Willard�s we found the crowd all
alive with the news of the appearance of the �rebel
monster� Merrimac in Hampton Roads and her fight
with the Monitor, which had occurred that mor-
ning.      It created sensation enough; even alarm.
Met Whittemore of the N.Y. Times.           Supped
at the Ebbitt House.     In my room: Edge tal-
king.    With Myer to the Tribune Office; men
there, writing and conversing.   Wilkeson and his
wife came: my assignment postponed until the
morrow.     Back to hotel.     News (false) of the
capture of the Merrimac.   Scribbling a little, then
to bed.
  10.  Monday.   Breakfast, in company with Edge.
All the talk about the Merrimac, the Monitor and
the unlucky Cumberland.    Going out, found Sted-
man, got up enormously military, in fatigue cap,
ample blue caped cloak and what not.   He was               
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