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Text for Page 030 [03-10-1862]

     Bayard Taylor.   Washington in War time.
prepared to go off on duty for the �World� and
did a little gratuitous soft-soaping to me, hoping
he could have secured me &c &c.    Apropos; I
may record here that his Bull Run letter is spo-
ken of as a romance, full of errors and that people
laugh at the story of his heroism in trying to
rally some regiment.     Out with Edge to buy
india-rubber coat and other indispensibles for
campaigning.   Hurry-skurry, to and fro,
Washington a notable spectacle that morning; a
general advance of the army expected.        Artillery,
cavalry and soldiers everywhere.      Packing up;
farewell to Edge: met Waud; to barber; his
talk of the city on the day of Bull Run; to the
Tribune Office and was there introduced to Bayard
Taylor, who impressed me very pleasantly.   He was
here on reportorial duty and had what appeared
to be a magnificent horse waiting to bear him to Ma-
nassas.       Delays.    With Page (temporarilly enga-
ged for the Tribune also) to an office for our pass-
ports.     Page ran, I rode.       A muddy ride it
proved, past the White House, through the mount-
ed troops and crowding artillery.     Returning alone,
I made another stop at the Tribune Office and
Ebbitt house, at the latter of which the maid ser-
vants were crowding the windows to see the Patricks
and Terence�s in the ranks march off to the wars.
Packing completed I paid bill and mounted my               
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