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Text for Page 035 [12-03-1851]

              He�s a fussy man, and [words crossed out] accustomed to the use of a
mild amount of humbug.     Much at the Traveller Office; and
drawing, sometimes at mine own room, in despite of cold, and
sometimes at the room whereat Lockington engraves.   Many
talks with him.  He a small, shrewd untrustable mortal,
hath projected and published much in the cheap catch-penny
London publication way, and as an article of faith holds that
there be in this world always munies enow to fill any tolerably
well-woven net spread for them.  Has spent money, and
I think fled hither to dispossess sheriff of his individual per-
son.  Is [word crossed out] oily and subservient, chimes in with overmuch
readiness to any opinion advanced./   One evening called at
Dunsiers, in Brooklyn, another (Wednesday) to the En-
tertainment of �Fellows� Minstrels,� with Holbrook.     A
[word crossed out] notion that of putting boasts of the Stars and Strypes in
the mouth of a negro!   [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].  /     Much talk anticipatory about Kossuth.
  4. Thursday.  Down town.  Met and drank with the
Editor of Strongs paper, at the Clinton hotel, having a 
literary talk, apropos of Emerson and Carlyle, divers
other authors and authorlings packing about.  To Post-Of-
fice, to Holmes�,   Traveller Office &c.  Afternoon draw-
ing.     In an �Examiner� sent to me, I this day read
of the death of Samuel Beazley, in his Seventieth
year.     One more off the Scene � Evening, a               
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