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Text for Page 032 [03-10-1862]

         General Heintzelman�s Headquarters.
out of town where the prospect looked dreary
enough and where I parted from my two com-
panions.     The sun set redly over the muddy,
fenceless waste and desolate landscape, as I
splashed along in the direction of Fort Lyon,
(so named after the deceased Missouri hero) and
I heard the distant bands playing on the hill-
sides.   After exhibiting my passport more than
once to sentinels, I skirted a huge hill covered
with tents and found my way to �Heintzelmans.�
  For the description of this locality I may refer
to my appended letter in the Tribune (as I might
have done other of to-day�s experiences, had I
thought of it in time.)     Entering the parlor to the
left I got a not too civil reception from the Gene-
rals aids, of whom more anon, and was by one
of them, a portly middle-aged man with an un-
mistakeably Jewish phiziognomy, invited to re-
main � in the adjoining room.        There I visited
among the orderlies and young fellows in atten-
dence, who were very sociable and friendly, un-
til a jolly Prussian officer came in, who pro-
duced some whiskey, invited me to drink and
announced himself as Captain Heine, topogra-
phical draughtsman and engineer, on Gen Hamil-
ton�s staff, Heintzelman�s corps.     Presently
when I had munched some of my sandwiches,
purchased providently in Washington (I had               
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