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Text for Page 034 [03-10-1862]

	An Evening at Heintzelman�s.
superciliousness and a rather Heylynish young
fellow, good-humored but of no particular
intellectual calibre, named Johnson.   I talked
with Hunt principally, over brandy, cigars and
coffee, while the wind swept by outside, howling
dismally.      It was here I learnt of the recent evacua-
tion of Manassas by the rebels and, also, that
there would certainly be no advance of the troops
under Heintzelman on the morrow.        A rifle
was exhibited, said to have belonged to Washing-
ton; and brandy drank which had been given
by Andrew Jackson to a lady (!) it being forty
years old.     Presently the rest of the party re-
tiring, I found myself with Capt. Moses, be-
side the burning logs in the broken fire-place,
in which a hole, knocked through the brick work
communicated with the next room.  Anon he
sent me off under convoy of an orderly to Alexan-
dria.         It was a muddy ride through the
mild, dull night, a vast army lying in expect-
ancy all around, and my companion piloted
me back by a shorter path than I had come, 
involving a ride over a narrow neck of land,
margined by wild-looking water.    I found
him to be a young Jerseyman, who had brothers
resident in the rebel capital, Richmond; he
feared they might be impressed in the Confede-
rate army.        Nobody was astir in Alexandria;               
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