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Text for Page 037 [03-11-1862]

	    Alexandria in War-Time.
the advent of the war.     He waited upon me very
duteously at breakfast.         A stroll afterwards;
an unsuccessful attempt to see the interior of the
Marshall House, and a visit to the provost�s,
where I got particulars about a baker�s dozen
of prisoners, recently brought in.   Capt. Grif-
fiths, the provost, told me of an application of a
young miss of fourteen, enthusiastically desirous
of consoling the rebels; if she could merely shake
hands with the noble fellows it would afford
her gratification.    Said noble fellows were as
hang-dog looking mortals as I�d wish to see;
as I had an opportunity of judging, yesterday.
  Back to hotel: scribbling toll 11.        Then to
the ferry with some idea of going to Washington,
ton but sent my letter to the �Tribune� office
instead and gallopped off for a sunny, breezy
ride to Heintzelman�s.      Hitched horse and
visited the huge unfinished interior of Fort
Lyon.     Back; talk with the General; attended
a cavalry review.    Returning, I found a batch
of escaped �contrabands,� the particulars rela-
tive to which I have embodied in my �Tribune�
letter     There was also an ex-Jerseyman, an 
eight years resident of Virginia, now acting as
guide to the Union men.    He had a place near
Occoquan, and a sick Virginian wife; both of whom
he had not seen for some time, and longed to re-               
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