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Text for Page 039 [03-11-1862]

	    More of Heintzelman.
visit.     Old Heintzelman proved conversible,
while striding up and down the breezy, sunny
piazza.       He had risen from the rank of Cap-
tain or Lieutenant in the U. S. army; was in
Texas at the beginning of the war and spoke
of the dilemma of the officers who retained
their allegiance there.  He got off on leave of
absence.     He was hit in the arm at Bull Run
and compared the retreat on that occasion to the
break up of a state fair, every man straggling
back at his own pace.   Heintzelman had been
indignant at the �cowardice of these raw vol-
unteers until the returns of killed and wound-
ed came in.�       He told an anecdote of the
mistress of an adjacent house, a Mrs Mason,
(related to the rebel envoy to Europe) and one
of the F. F. V�s.         With her husband, she had
been bitterly �Secesh,� declaring that no �Yankee�
soldier should come on their land.        Some weeks
afterwards a negro-girl presented herself
at Heintzelman�s, requesting permission to
sell pies to the soldiers.    On inquiry, it appear-
ed that the money accruing was to go into the
pocket of the haughty Virginia matron.  Heintzel-
man refused permission.             The ex-Jersey-
man presently got an escort and set off for his
home.          I had company part of my way
back to Alexandria; scribbled till 11 and then               
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