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Text for Page 036 [12-04-1851]

              brisk walk through the icy, frosty streets into Smith�s
Hotel, Perry Street, there to see if that the �Masheene�
Picture &c were, as yet raffled.   Not so.   Anticipated
this month.   Called at Picton�s.  Not in.   Back at
called at Mrs Kidders.   There I found her; (and Mason
just about to go out), so sate and talked with her. First
about Lotty�s marriage.     Two of her letter, read to me.
How she had been wooed by Southerners, presents sent
to her � one a negro-girl worth I know not how many 
dollars; jewels &c (which she returned.)     Then of
her marriage with Mr Whytal, a Bostonian, scenic ar-
tist �who adores her.�     The news of the ceremony she
told with great flippancy, bidding her mother get a glass
of water, �Dick� on one side, and Jenny �on the other,�
ere reading it.     She still designs following the stage
as a profession. /     Of Whytal, I the other day in-
quired of Mrs Leave.     He boarded here, � she says
he was an ugly man, and never opened his mouth. The
latter may tell in his favour.     I hope he�ll disap-
point all, and prove a ^|good| fellow.   [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
   Talk of other subjects followed, and ere long the Bloo-
mer Costume.  Mrs K leaving me for a short time
attired herself a la Bloomer.  [words crossed out]               
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