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Text for Page 043 [03-13-1862]

	The First Jersey Cavalry and
of lager bier in a shabby invitation of a New
York Concert Saloon.  There were �waiter-girls,�
but no singing.       The frequenters were nearly all
soldiers.         To hotel; wrote letters to my mother
and to Hannah; then abed by 12.
  14.  Friday.   Up and chores.     In default
of movement on the part of Heintzelman�s corps
it had been settled between Wilkeson, Bayard
Taylor and myself, that I should ride down the
river, beyond Mount Vernon and visit certain
rebel batteries, recently abandoned, for the pur-
pose of sketching and describing them.  So I set
off but presently fell in with a mounted soldier
carrying a mail-bag to the 1st Jersey Cavalry,
who told me that orders had reached Heintzel-
man�s at 12 last night, indicating an advance;
that he and his fellows had six day�s rations
in their havresacs, half cooked, half uncooked.
So I rode with him to his camp, meeting
his colonel, Sir Percy Wyndham by the way.
He was a good-looking, sun-browned young
man with a huge Victor Emanuel moustache,
trained over his cheeks, tight fitting breeches and
high boots.  He gave me a friendly reception, in
viting me to his camp, where I presently dined
under canvas with him and his officers.    Wynd-
ham conversed with an Italian accent; he was
indeed an Italiazed Englishman.          He told me               
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