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Text for Page 044 [03-14-1862]

	       Sir Percy Wyndham.
that he was born at sea in 1833, that he
entered as volunteer in the student�s corps
at Paris in 1848, was transferred to the navy
and promoted to be ensign of marines, resigned,
entered as volunteer in the British Artillery, pas-
sed examination, joined the Austrian service as 2nd
lieutenant, was promoted, resigned, became cap-
tain in the Italian service, fought at Palermo,
Melazzo and Volturno, and, a lieutenant colo-
nel, got leave of absence to try a little soldier-
ing on this side of the Atlantic.    He knew Nast
in Italy; said he was always with Peard, of
whom people made too much.  Bellew had met
Wyndham recently in Washington: I think dined
with him.      After dinner we went to witness a
boot and saddle review near Heintzelman�s, just
to show how ready we were to be off, and Wynd-
ham�s sonorous �Atten�shon!� rang out down
the line with rather comic effect.        One of the
minor officers, by the way, had encumbered him-
self with a gigantic carpet-bag, like a young
tent, which presently provoked the colonel�s choler.
�Oh! that is too ridiculous,� he said, �a soldier
with a carpet-bag! take it away from him!
cut it off!�    In obedience to the order the of-
fending bag was unstrapped and fell to the
ground, from which a negro took it to the
camp.   Wyndham, a restless, excitable man,               
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