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Text for Page 045 [03-14-1862]

	  A Cavalry Camp by Night.
with a good deal of Italian vivacity had play-
ed his soldiers a trick some days before; while
they wore out on review setting men to clear out
the tents of their heaped-up lumber, which he 
caused to be burnt.       �You nevare did see such
a pack of stuff they did have,� he said recounting
it; �there was old boxes and stoves and trunks
and I cannot tell what.�       Anon he galloped
up to old Heintze�s, returning with �Not to
day!� and ordering the cavalry back to their
camp.      After supper, I took a stroll through
it, every thing being mightily picturesque.  The
horses were under sheds, fires burning, soldiers
singing or talking and the reflection of a distant
conflagration reddened the sky.   We had a near-
er alarm of fire presently. from one of the tents,
but little damage was done.    Introduced to
Chaplain.      Writing till 10 in the colonel�s
tent, a letter to the Tribune, while all around
me were sleeping.  It was a chilly business
about the extremities and I might have spared
myself the trouble for to the best of my recol-
lection my letter wasn�t printed, as relating
my recent experience it turned on the expected
departure of the troops, about which all the
journals had to keep strict silence.     By 10
I camped on the floor in the couch spread for
me by Wyndham�s servant.               
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