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Text for Page 047 [03-15-1862]

	Camp Life, the Doctors and Kag�.
  15. Saturday.   Breakfast amid a jolly
crowd, the rain descending overhead on our can-
vas roof.   To the surgeon�s tent.     Surgeon Phil-
lips and assistant Dayton, the last the son of the
U. S. minister to France.  Both good fellows.  They
had a superabundance of stores which must be
left behind, out of which they supplied me with
stout socks and a blue cotton-woollen overshirt
which stood me in service during the campaign.
Kag�, the lieutenant-colonel, a Pole, with
a shrewd, honest, peculiar face.  Whiskey,
smoke and chat; the rain increasing outside.
I had not slept well last night, so I dozed
luxuriously on a stretcher in the afternoon.  Din-
ner at 4 � P. M. again in the colonel�s tent.
He had been mightily busy all day setting the
tailors among his regiment to make bags and
sacks of Uncle Sam�s canvas, so that the tent
looked like a slop-shop.    Back to the Surgeon�s
tent.      A harmonic party within, rain without,
descending heavily.      At 9 � turned out and
slid through the mud for a yard or to to the
chaplain�s tent, where I occupied the mattrass
of Kag�, who had gone to Washington to visit his wife.  He knew
Gurowski, by the way, and spake well of him.  I
made one nap it all night.
  16.  Sunday and}       Are chronicled in the
  17.  Monday}       appended letter to the Tribune.               
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