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Text for Page 058 [03-18-1862]

      Alf Waud versus Bayard Taylor � K�ge.
abuses Bayard Taylor as �a d____d fool� for his
account in the Tribune.     Waud, with characterist-
ic assurance, pronounces two or three small forts
on an open plain, without flank or rear defences,
sundry fences, over which Taylor had ridden his
horse and a few quaker guns, �impregnable.�  (Of
course he but echoed the opinion of the military
toadies about Mc Clellan.)        I didn�t like his
arrogant denunciation of a man who had seen ten
times as much as himself and had written, withal,
modestly and honestly, hence we had a sharp
bit of controversy.     Like many conversational bul-
lies he moderated his tone on opposition, and con-
descended to become friendly.   His horse was
tied hard by and he bound to Mc Clellan�s
headquarters, to which he invited me, promising
to introduce me to the aids, but I declined,
wanting to finish letter.       A scanty supper
in the colonel�s absence and an evening walk
with Kag�.       He came to New York after the
revolutionalry year of 1848, taught military
tactics and appears a good fellow generally
and a reader of the Tribune.   By 9, he and
I took a gallop over to headquarters, I on a
skittish trooper�s horse with too long stirrups,
so that it was as much as I could do to keep
my saddle, at the pace we went.  Deceived
by the watchfires of a distant camp we got               
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