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Text for Page 059 [03-18-1862]

        A �Secesh� Prisoner � How Captured.
out of our way but presently found it.    At Hein-
tzelman�s we only found Moses, drowsy and whis-
key less.     The General was in Washington at his
house; wouldn�t return till tomorrow; everything
is packed for departure � even the whiskey.      Re-
turned to our camp we find Kester, Phillips
and Co. have got back, bringing with them a priso-
ner, now in the guard house.      It is a square
log house, full of sleeping or sitting soldiers.  The
prisoner, a grim old varlet, is humanely entreated
of Kag�, who procures him a blanket and loaf.
The scouting party had crossed the Occoquan
in boats, taking a three mile tramp down
the river bank, visiting a deserted rebel camp
and the farm-house of the prisoner.    He had
been deputy-sheriff of Occoquan, was a noto-
rious rebel, accused of threatening, harassing
and persecuting Union men.       The Confederate
officers from the adjacent camp had boarded
in his house.    The troopers surrounded it, find-
ing the man, his wife and daughters and two
female guests, one pretty.         Four guns were
seized and a knife or short-sword � an ugly-
looking weapon made out of an old file ground,
both edges being sharpened.    This pretty imple-
ment was discovered in the nuptial bed.      The
wife and daughter followed the captors of their
head for a mile or so, being at length per-               
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