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Text for Page 060 [03-18-1862]

	Alexandria, Washington, et cetera.
suaded back.   Lynn, the prisoner, had $80
in Confederate notes which, he reckoned, �wasn�t
worth a cent now.�      He didn�t disguise his
opinions or volunteer the expression of them.
He would, in all probability, be �sworn� at
headquarters and sent about his business.
  19.  Wednesday.   To horse with chaplain
Pyne for a return to Washington; looking in
at Heintzelman�s by the way and finding only
Moses.   Alexandria a lively spectacle; soldiers,
wagons, ambulances, horses, cannon.     Met
Heine, alias �Captain Poots� as he styled him-
self, in allusion to his baggy extremities, and
had a smoke and schiedam with him.        To
Washington by ferry.  The Potomac full of trans
ports, from the waters of New England to those
of Maryland.      Parted with Chaplain.     A let-
ter for me, from Edward Greatbatch.     To Eb-
bit House and Edge; dinner and a warm
bath.       At office; Edge and Hill.   Wilkeson
tells me I�ve done well.     About with Edge, to
the Post Office, Telegraph office and to the
office of the Sanatory Commission, where I made
the acquaintance of Fred. Law Olmstead, author
of the best and fairest books on the South ever
written; which books will be invaluable in view
of their antecedent relation to the war.       An
oyster-stew in Pennsylvania Avenue, and               
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