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Text for Page 038 [12-06-1851]

              were of the opinion that Forrest was the Suggestor.   The
lines were from Coriolanus
		� � A hundred thousand Welcomes
	A curse begin at the very root of his heart
	That is not glad to see thee!�
At the Park gates triumphant arches were created, decora-
ted with the red, white, and green of Hungary�s national
colors, and boughs.   At the Irving House, portraits of
Washington, Lafayette, Kossuth and the Sultan. (Well
done, not to forget the [word crossed out] Sultan [word crossed out]
More flags and inscriptions were there than I can attempt
to name, Barnums fluttered all over, Genin had a 
fantastic affair; � Kossuth in an amazingly green coat,
attacked by an ape-headed Austrian soldier, and a bear-
headed Russian; being defended by a Turk � each several
figure in the altitudes of preposterous tad-poles.   To the
Traveler Office, where I waited till 12, writing some
paragraphs for Holbrook the while. To and fro, to
Lockingtons and at length, Bharf not appearing, off
down towards the Battery, a dense crowd hocking up the
side walks, far exceeding aught witnessed on Fourth of July.
Arrived at the Bowling Green, road and all presented the
appearance of a moving mass, some pressing towards the
Battery enclosure, others having found that wedged
full of folks; turning backwards.   The windows and               
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