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Text for Page 063 [03-20-1862]

     Bayard Taylor again.  Story about Mackay.
Office.     Wilkeson, Hill, Meyer and Gurowski
intermittently.       Wrote to Boweryem and to Jack
Edwards, inclosing Secession banknotes to the lat-
ter.      Read till 11; then back to hotel.           Took
Edge below to have a drink, when he got into
a dreary debate with an elderly, of course a
pro-slavery, Washingtonian.  Meyer there.  (I
had bought a huge newly-made pair of long boots
of him for $4, mine having shrunk from damp-
ness.)    A dreary, rainy night, succeeding a
showery day.
  21.  Friday.   To Office by 9 �.   Wilkeson
and Bayard Taylor came, at length, the latter ha-
ving returned from New York yesterday.   To stable
to get my blankets, an india-rubber and
woolen one.  Back to Ebbitt House; paid bill,
and to Tribune office again.   Taylor�s handsome
horse could not be ridden for a fortnight, he
had a fistula.     Wilkeson goes off to get one for
me, my steed being only hired hitherto.           His
return: debate about saddle and furnishings.
Boy sent off; returns with cock and bull story,
having been to wrong stable.  Edge comes and
prattles.      Bayard Taylor tells a story about
Charles Mackay inviting him to dinner at the
Star and Garter, Richmond, and afterwards as-
signing half the amount of the bill to be paid by
his guest!          I go to stable, got new horse sad-               
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