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Text for Page 064 [03-21-1862]

    To Alexandria.  The Count de Paris � the
		Hendricks couple.
dled, go to t�other stable for horse-cloth, then
off for Alexandria again.      I find Hall, who
has stayed at the Ebbitt House during the
past night, waiting for me on the ferry-boat,
and also meet Dayton.      Hendricks is on 
board, too, who introduces me to a fair haired
woman with scantyish curls and teeth a la 
Carker, as his wife.          This lady seemed very 
accessible. (Boweryem, who knew both, at the
Unitary Home, says they may shake hands on
the question of conjugal unchastity.)   I saw on
board also, a tall young man with a rather
good-humored expression on a not at all aris-
tocratic countenance; this was the Comte de
Paris, who may be King of France some day.
He was drest in uniform, and wore an india-
rubber palet�t.    Mrs Hendricks said �he wasn�t
broad enough about the shoulders.�    At Alex-
andria; inquiry for Heintzelman, I riding,
Hall tramping through the mud.   Met �Shones,�
Wyndham�s orderly, who hailed me enthusiast-
ically, told me that the General was at the te-
legraph office and piloted us hither.       Saw
Heintzelman, presented another letter from
Wilkeson (which I had attempted to deliver that
morning, at the general�s house in Washington)
and introduced Hall.          Embarkation in pro-
gress; told to return at 6 P. M.             Witnessed               
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