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Text for Page 068 [03-22-1862]

         The transports by Night.   Arrival
sick men, and those left behind by regiments
already forwarded.         Most of the General�s
staff find sleeping accommodation on the seats of
the cabin, or below, in the after-berths.         Moses
the self-important reposes opposite to me as I sit
writing at table, and berates anybody who talks
or makes a noise.    Hall dozes by the stove;
the negroes crouch among the many saddles lit-
tering the floor, and the soldiers are thick as
herrings in a barrel outside the cabin, under
cover of anything.  The Kent throbs and palpita-
tes through the rushing water and innumerable
stars shine out overhead.        We have shot ahead
from the flotilla leaving its many lights behind
us; it is a fine spectacle.        One steamer, a
huge vessel, crowded with troops, has a fire
blazing on her fore-deck, by which the soldiers
sit warming themselves; our pilot disapproving.
(Had I known the fate awaiting so many of
the brave fellows, this river panorama would
have seemed ghastly enough: I might have fan-
cied the steamers thronged with skeletons.)   I
write till 10, take a drink with the skipper and
pilot, and then go below with Hall.   Removing
coats, caps, and military appurtenances from
a berth each, we turn in.          About half a do-
zen fellows are sleeping around, keeping up a
running fire of snores all night.      I am arou-               
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