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Text for Page 039 [12-06-1851]

              balconys were thronged also, and every pinnacle and coigne of
vantage had its occupant.  The trees in the little oval
enclosure had each some six or seven perched thereon, and 
much sport did the crowd make of unlucky climbers; greet-
ing them as they slid downwards with �Hi! hi�s!� and roars
of laughter.  Or when a cart or carriage attempted to pass
through this charybdis of mortality, it�s driver became a
target for aught in the wordy way, after the fashion of crowds
in general.   I myself, in virtue of beard and sombrero
was greeted as �Kossuth!� a dozen times.   The time drew
on, the crowd growing denser, all before one mass, both
within and without the Battery Gates; and behind, far
as might be seen up Broadway, the same � overhead the
sunlight and blue sky, and gay fluttering flags; common
booming over the rise and fall of the multitude�s impatient
roar.     Taking up my station on the pavement edge, where
thanks to height I had the vantage, I waited for nigh upon
two good hours, talking some little with stolid man by
my side.   Thick and thicker grew the crowd, queries
are ventured, rumours of approach banded about, and then
the militia companies appear.     Some dozen or more were
there, with each a separate band.   Somewhat tedious work
was this, and lasted very long; the spectators� toes grow-
ing stone-cold all the time.     At length � over the brayings
of trumpets, the roar of the cannon, the roll of the drum               
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