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Text for Page 071 [03-23-1862]

	    Frank Powell the Zouave.
pilly savor about it.)     Here, amid the throngs
of uniforms crowding the limited hall, I was ac-
costed by a stalwart-looking young fellow in full
Zouave costume, whom, at first, I hardly rec-
ognized as the once sneaky son of T. Micawber
Powell.     �Wilkins Junior� had his hair cut
to that extent that his head might have been sand-
papered, he was sunburnt to a deep red, and
in manners and talk a complete Zoo-Zoo.   He
told me he was a first lieutenant in Hawkin�s regiment,
and just returned from the fight at Roanoke Is-
land, having fought sturdily in the attack there.  We
must needs have some ale together.   He commented
half-indignantly about Bellew�s puffing him in
the Budget of Fun � didn�t want his name men-
tioned in a d____d comic paper � talked discursive-
ly and familiarly of Bellew�s marital antecedents
� �the wife of that man who lived in Union Square,
you know � a devilish pretty woman too!� and as-
st serted that Bellew had challenged the hus-
band.         He talked also of his father�s surprise
and indignation at his determination to become a
soldier.    �Your�e a d____d fool!� said Micawber pere.
Junior was bound for New York on furlough.
With good wishes we parted.      I cultivate Brig-
ham.      He is a middle-aged man with a hale,
shrewd, shaven face, partially gray whiskers
and reddish complexion, keen eyes and brisk               
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