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Text for Page 073 [03-23-1862]

         pondent of the New-York Tribune.
linian notables dined, that he might hear
their conversation.  �I suppose we�re all sound!� said
one of them, on sitting down.      Anon Brigham feed
the stewardess (an Englishwoman whom I remem-
ber) persuading her to pass as his wife, and put
up at the Planter�s Hotel as Mr Gordon; � whet-
her they played out the parts in full deponent said
not.    Anyway the arrangement was merely tempo-
rary.      All the time detective Schouboe was after
Brigham; he was arrested once and twice on suspi-
cion of being a government spy.   During the excite-
ment consequent on the expected arrival of the Brook-
lyn, he sat writing in his room at the hotel
when a drunken Carolinian appeared at the open
door and asked him what he was doing.  �Don�t in-
terrupt me,� said the Tribune correspondent: �I am
writing to my father and uncle, up country, to send
along all my brothers and cousins � there�s four-
teen of us � to begin forming a company.�    �You-
�re one of the right sort!� says inebriated South
Carolina reeling off.     Brigham remembered Frank
Wood perfectly.     I can recall the circumstance
of the arrest of one Gordon, mentioned by Carlyle
and another, also the landlord of the hotel where
Brigham had lived at.)      On the second arrest
he was subjected to a tremendous examination
by the shrewdest lawyer of the city and succeeded
in baffling him.           �I told a pretty straight story               
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