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Text for Page 074 [03-23-1862]

	Brigham.          Buckstone alias
all through,� said he, �and stuck to it.�   The
inquisition over, he was asked who he supposed
was the correspondent of the Tribune?      He des-
cribed a man he had seen first in New York, then
in Charleston.    �The very man I suspected!� said
his examiner, asking Brigham�s aid to detect
the culprit!    When he was set free, the lawyer
put his broad hand on his shoulder, with, �If
you have deceived me � !� a threat so weighty
that it broke down in utterance.     Brigham had
a flask or bottle full of brandy and drank all of
its contents, which tasted like water to his palate,
such was the pent-up excitement produced by his
tremendous peril.       He got a reminder of it at
the first station at which the railroad train
stopped, but extricated himself with characteristic
shrewdness and journeyed on, to the North and
safety.     Subsequently making yet another attempt
to go South he only saved himself by getting off
the steamer at Fortress Monroe, a man who had
denounced him to the Vigilance Committee being on
board, who with the rest were not permitted to
land.   This, I think, was just before Sumter�s
bombardment.       Brigham knew Buckstone
or Ramsay and confirmed my estimate of that
young fellow.  He took up the task when Brig-
ham got sent away and stayed till the 
attack on Major Anderson and his men.  Buck-               
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