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Text for Page 076 [03-23-1862]

	       Reportorial Gathering.
of Hampton, to ask after baggage.     Haymaker
the quartermaster was with us at supper.    Previous
to it we had witnessed a parade of the regiment.
The orderly returning with the message that the bag-
gage of the Kent hadn�t yet been overhauled, I rode
back to the Hygeia.          Here I found Whittemore
of the N.Y. Times, Dr Augustus Rawlings,
claiming to represent the same paper, Boyce,
a little chap on the Evening Post, and Hendricks,
together, loafing, in which I joined them.  Our
position was a peculiar one.  We were supposed to
be under a rigid censorship, not allowed to send
on a word of information to our several papers as
to the destination of the grand army of the Potomac.
Indeed beyond the pretty obvious guess �Richmond�
we knew little as to the plan intended.       (Brigham
by the way, had showed me a letter from Dana on
the subject.)      Gen Wool was a perfect dragon in
discipline, hence we off the third estate had a
holiday.   The letter I had written descriptive 
of down the Potomac I put aside and subse-
quently generalized in which form it was pub-
lished.         At 9 to room and bed with Hall.
  24.  Monday.   Abroad after breakfast
with Hall and soon met Brigham.  On the pier
the captain of the Kent informed us that our bag-
gage was still on board.    So Hall an we went
after it, being rowed thither by the sailors.   It               
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