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Text for Page 078 [03-24-1862]

	       Rawlings and his talk.
of afterwards.     Back to hotel.   Wrote letters
to Hannah and to Mary Anne.       Abed by 11.
This, in to-day�s

[newspaper clipping]
  We learn that �Fanny Fern,� the well-known
authoress, has separated from her husband, Mr.
James Parton.

[Gunn�s handwriting]
N.Y. Tribune.  March 24.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
  25.  Tuesday.   Breakfast in company with
Hall, Whittemore and Rawlings.  The latter con-
demning the meal, which was a very bad one, pro-
posed bettering it by an adjournment to the restau-
rant.       He was brassy, approbative and loud in
everything, suggested that We of the N.Y. press
should procure a tent, house and negroes
� what not � for the campaign � talked of his ha-
ving a confidential charter from Raymond autho-
rizing him to go everywhere � d____d the Provost
Marshall and much more.       He professed that
F. Leslie had written to him, desiring a reconcilia-
tion, producing a letter beginning �My dear Raw-
lings.�     He talked of John Brown whose exe-
cution he really witnessed, of Berghans making
a sketch of Brown�s wife surreptitiously while he,
Rawlings, talked to her.       Leaving him with
Hendricks and the party of reporters to ride out
to the camp, Hall and I joined Brigham at 
his lodgings, where our shrewd friend summed
up Rawlings as a swindler, a chronic liar and
a dangerous acquaintance.     By a little steamer
to what had been Hampton, reduced to ruin
by �drunken John B. Magruder� the Confederate               
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