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Text for Page 081 [07-02-1862]

        Hays � Riley of the Mozart Regiment.
by many of them on the wharf and on the streets.
There were old and new tombstones in the church-
yard, one marking the resting-place of the De
Russy family � that owning Barth�s captain of
artillery, still, I learn in the U. S. army and
now a colonel.x (He had Liver�s daughter to mistress.)
  Crossing a trench and a burnt field, we made
our way through the tents of the 63rd Pennsylvania,
to where Col. Hayes and two or three others were
dining by a fire.     Among them was a Col Rileyx
of the Mozart regiment, or 40th New York whom
I presently recognized as once adjutant of the
regiment at the time of my Yonkers� visits to it.
He was a man of perhaps five and thirty with
an Irish-American face, and hearing my busi-
ness, professed himself an out-and-out �Black
Republican� and admirer of the Tribune, inviting
me to become his guest for the campaign.    He
would, he said, be happy to �mount me, fodder
me, eat me (?) &c.      After partaking of a snack,
champagne, whiskey and cigars, we crossed to
the camp of the 40th and visited Riley�s tent,
conspicuous by its being covered with a huge American
flag, the ends of which trailed on the ground.         He
exhibited with much pride a magnificent black horse,
which he said he called �Greeley.� (?)    Returning
to Hampton we found Heintzelman�s headquarters
� sundry tents pitched in an open space between
  x A mistake. He turned (x Page 171.) rebel, like Magruder.               
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