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Text for Page 083 [03-26-1862]

          mac.   Dr Noyes.   Davis, of Harpers.
was chronic at Fortress Monroe: how many times
was I confidently assured by Brigham that the
much dreaded �rebel monster� was sure to appear
on the morrow.)     Brigham had witnessed the fight
with the Monitor and described it to me.       Into the
fort, examining maps.         Brigham left us.       By
the Hygeia met Dr Noyes, once of the Knickerbocker,
who told me he had something to do in the quarter-
master�s department.      After dinner mounted horse
and rode alone to Camp Hamilton, where I wit-
nessed a brigade drill by Gen. Wool.  Saw one
of Heintzelman�s aids there, also Rawlings, on a
horse he couldn�t ride.   At his suggestion we put
out across the field to the tent of some young of-
ficer, where, after a drink of whiskey, I left and
galloped to Hampton.     The 63rd Penn and the
40th New York had moved their camps, the field
being scarred with their tent fires.       Spits of rain
and snow � all right in india-rubber overcoat.
Through ruined houses and across dilapidated
gardens to Heintzelman�s.  The General, Dr Tripler,
Moses and Mc Kever by log-fire.       Back to the
Hygeia by 6 P. M.        A stroll to dock with Hall
after supper.     Accosted by Davis, artist to Har-
per�s Weekly, a very young-looking fellow, not
prepossessing; he travelled with Russell the
Times Correspondent in the South, got into trouble
there and, I believe, lied considerably against the               
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