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Text for Page 084 [03-26-1862]

   Davis on W. Waud at Charleston.  Anderson,
	     Hendricks, Quigg and Buckstone.
good-natured Irishman who had tolerated his
company and protected him.    This young fel-
low was in Charleston S. C. soon after the
bombardment of Sumter and told me that the
officers had showed him one of three guns of
which Bill Waud had pulled the lanyard during 
the attack.     They called it �Waud�s gun.�
(It�s probable enough.)   W. W. is now at New
Orleans or near it, sketching for F. Leslie.  This
young Davis lodged at the Hygeia in a room
adjacent to Halls and mine.      In it, with Hen-
dricks and Anderson, whom I last recollect on
the Harriet Lane, when the Prince of Wales came
to New York. (Fontin of the Herald died of con-
sumption, some time ago.)      David chums with
Anderson.       Napoleonx Quigg, (�Phoebus! what
a name!) of the World, whom I met to-day, told
me that Buckstone alias Ramsay had been
recently captured by the rebels at or near Win-
chester, and that very probably they would hang
him as a spy.     (I think this must have been
erroneous: Buckstone was apprehended by
the U. S. authorities, kept in the Old Capitol
prison for some months and finally set free, on
condition that he wouldn�t show his spotty face
south of New York again.     Alf Waud saw him
in prison.)       Quigg knew Buckstone as a clerk,
guilty of embezzlement or some pecuniary villany
   x Bestowed upon him by Rawlings.  His name was John.               
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