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Text for Page 086 [03-27-1862]

	  Scouting and Skirmishing.
newspaper which she seemed to prize highly.
Henderson and Hendricks appeared.   On, again;
troops, bayonets, sunlight and marching soldiers.
One shoots a pig by the road side, is chidden for
it by his comrades who refuse to let him secure
the pork by putting it on a gun caisson; so they
deposit the murdered grunter on the fence.    Ar-
rival at the Halfway House, so called from its
equi-distance between Old Point and Yorktown.
Soldiers everywhere.   A prisoner brought in, dis-
covered in bed beneath a heap of blankets.    He
claims to be a negro but is certainly as white as
the majority of Virginians.       Hendricks and
Anderson up again; the first very proud of his
horse: he relieves my hunger with a piece of 
corn-cake.    On and on, returning.       Bethel
entrenchments again.  Fitzjohn Porter and a
group of officers.      An excited young fellow be-
longing to the Signal Corps rides up and reports
himself.      He had come on three rebel cavalrymen,
blazed away at them with his revolver, secured 
a sabre and belt as trophies and ridden back.
Just before this Berdan�s sharpshooters had a
brush with the enemy, claiming to have �picked
off� a trooper, who was conveyed away by his
comrades.   A long ride back; tired, hungry
and faint.      Tried to find Hays or Riley�s camp,
but failed, so wearily to the Hygeia.         Here               
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