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Text for Page 090 [03-29-1862]

		The �Monitor.�
rant.     To Post office.   With Brigham and Hall
by boat to visit the Monitor, after awaiting a mes-
sage of permission from Captain Jefferds.   The
notable vessel lay not very far off from the wharf,
her deck, if so it may be called, within a foot or
so of the water, so that nothing of her but the
oblong iron �raft� and the �cheesebox� turret was
visible.     Into this latter we clomb, up a clamp
latter, perpendicular with the sides of it, the en-
trance being on top.  Within we surveyed the two
powerful guns, almost filling the chamber, the
apparatus for thrusting forwards and withdraw-
ing them, the apertures that could be closed at plea-
sure, the thick iron sheeting of which the turret con-
sisted and much more, then descending to the
submarine main portion of the anomalous vessel.
Here we were greatly surprised at the comparative
space obtained and the good light, the latter ne-
cessarilly coming from above.  There was an en-
gine-room of four dimensions, a dining room, the
Captain�s department, et cetera, all larger than one
would have expected.   Capt. Jeffords gave us a friend-
ly reception, but as he wasn�t in command during
the fight with the Merrimac, one couldn�t be much 
interested in him.        The pilot house was curious,
a small chamber of devious ascent, containing per-
haps room for two persons, four horizontal slits
in the sides affording a view at the different points               
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