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Text for Page 041 [12-06-1851]

              drink; where in the bar-room I found a coarsely-drunken
owl-like Irishman, who had this sentence just put forth,
   �Why didn�t he speak about O�Connell?�
   He alluded to Kossuth. /     To Traveller Office, where
I found the two printers; � one of whom (Steve � the Bosto-
nian) was enthusiastic to the extreme about the great Magy-
ar�s appearance; telling how he struggled to get at him to 
seize his hand, dilating on the beauty of his smile &c [word crossed out]
[word crossed out].  Waited awhile. Holbrook came, having seen the
sight from Morey�s window.  /  Back to Franklin � dined.
Bathed all over, then down town again � the procession
yet in progress, in the east part of the town.     To the
Traveler Office.   Holbrook; Hawkins and Morey.   Row
between Holbrook & Hawkins.   I think the latter�s a 
coward.  He endured Holbrooks request to �Go to __!� only
manifesting his anger by pacing up and down. /  Got $ 3
from Holbrook & left.       Passing up Broadway, (about 7)
a great crowd at the Irving house, shouting &c; to Frank-
lin Street.  Supped, and in an hour or so, feeling per-
fectly tired out, eyes aching worse if possible than brain, to
bed; wherefore I witnessed not the Serenade.
   I wonder whether Kossuth will ever ride into Pesth
and a free Hungary welcome him, as to day Americans
have.     But applause is a fickle thing.  Shakspere
has told us what mobs are. [words crossed out]               
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