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Text for Page 095 [03-30-1862]

	        Life at Fortress Monroe.
to dine at restaurant on the wharf.     A salute
of cannon being fired excited some expectation of the
arrival of Gen. Mc Clellan, but it proved to be in honor of Vice-
President Hamlin, who had already entered the fort.
A squally, dank day.       Back to the Fort.       Sup-
per at the Hygeia.     Evening at casemate. Talk-
ing and smoking, while some of the young fellows,
officers were singing hymns in the next casemate.
Hall with me all day.          Winchester has a bed
made up on the floor for him.                Received a
letter from Hannah this morning, expedited
from New York via Washington.
  31.  Monday.   Breakfasted at restaurant.
On the wharf joined Aiken, Steiner and Walling-
ton, of the Philadelphia Enquirer.  They were all con-
demning Hamlin, the Vice President of the U. S. who
had just arrived here on a junketting party, with
a number of ladies, from Washington.  Their steamer
occupied the end of the wharf, thereby preventing
the debarkation of the troops.     A dull morning,
gradually clearing up.          At the Quartermaster�s,
found Brigham and Hall.               Anon to Casmate
7 and scribbling.    Shoulder-straps and whiskey
prevalent; talk of female correspondence.  Win-
chester and his boy dined with me at restaurant 
near wharf.      Met Hendricks � he on horseback,
from the camp.       In the evening, on my sug-
gesting oysters, it is proposed to obtain them from               
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