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Text for Page 096 [03-31-1862]

	   An Old Acquaintance and
�Sergeant Livers� and I find that my old Gover-
nor�s Island acquaintance is in the Fortress; has
been living there for two years.  So after going
out in the vain attempt to get supper (both res-
taurants being closed) during which walk I met
Hills, once of the Post � as I had met Mc El-
rath in the morning � I was piloted by Winches-
ter to a casemate two or three rows off, where
Livers dwelt, an adjacent casemate being fitted up
as a garrison restaurant.         Livers� room was
handsomely furnished, with carpet, piano, pic-
tures &c.        He, his wife and their grand-daugh-
ter were present.        He was quite white-haired
of course looking much older than he did nine years
ago, but age improved his appearance.       He knew
me directly, saying he had observed me that morn-
ing on the dock and intended to find me out.  We
talked about old times and new.          Barth, he
believed, was somewhere in Dixie.  Sergeant Gard-
ner, his father-in-law, is now a captain in the
rebel service; he deserted at Pensacola at the be-
ginning of the war and straightway became what
Orpheus C. Kerr denominates �a Confederacy.� Livers
loyally d____d him.      All the Gardner girls, Dora
Paps and Co are married.             The German Buch-
man or Beukman deserted from Uncle Sam
some years ago, at Camp Hamilton, �all along
of a bad married woman� said Livers.    Creecy�s               
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