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Text for Page 097 [03-31-1862]

		News of Others � �
deserted wife lives in that vicinity now with her
children, laboring for and keeping them as best she
can.        Lastly Livers� daughter Liz (or Mrs Johnny
Clark) died at Fortress Monroe about a year ago
and is buried in the vicinity.      After this talk
the grand-daughter played and sang for our enter-
tainment; Mrs Livers appearing very good-natured.
Livers is a Marylander, of course a pro-slavery
man, ignorant withal.   Quoth he when I told
him my business: �The Philistines are on us! You
and I are dead contrary.�   Back to Casemate No
7, to roast oysters, whiskey and talk.           Capt.
Richardson and Skeet in.   The latter had once belong-
ing ed to the British Volunteers and knew Robert-
son and Boweryem.
  1.  Tuesday.   News from Brigham that Dana
has left the Tribune, his position being filled by
Sidney H. Gay.  (This happened, as I learnt af-
terwards, in consequence of a difference of opinion on
the Mc Clellan question, Dana utterly disbelieving
in �little Mac� and going in for expressing the same,
by continuing the hot and heavy fire in the Tribune;
the rest of the shareholders desiring to slacken the
same.)     Loafing.       In casemate: Winchester �of-
ficer of the day.�        Dined at restaurant with
Brigham; then to stable and horse.         A gallop               
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