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Text for Page 098 [04-01-1862]

	Camp Life.     With the 62nd Penn.
to Hampton and Heintzelman�s Headquarters,
in company with young fellows of the signal corps.
A talk with the General.           Heine sick in his tent,
where I visited him.       He sat up, in slippers, on the
edge of his stretcher or mattrass and complained that
he had once been �poisoned� by some drug put into ref-
fee by a Secesh family, on the Potomac, a loose asser-
tion which, I heard, he afterwards preposterously fas-
tened on Hunt and Mc Kever.    I am sure it was all
bosh.        Being joined by Hall who had followed
on foot, went with him and Brigham to the 63rd
Pennsylvanians.   Hays absent, on court-martial.
Brigham left us.      To Riley�s tent, in front of which,
seated astride of a wooden horse, or parallel pole
supported by two uprights, were half a dozen �skulks�
or offending soldiers, so designated by a rough board
above them.    Some had stirrups, some not.   The
punishment became unpleasant enough after half
an hour or so.         Riley proved very hospitable, giving
us a beef-steak supper.         A stroll through the camp
subsequently; to the hospital tent and the sutler�s,
where we drank lager-bier with the officers
there assembled, to whom I was severally and 
specially introduced.      Anon we returned across
the dark, damp field, intersected by ditches and
puddles, to Hays� tent.       There we stayed for two
hours, talking and drinking.            Among those pre-
sent was a man who had lived in Michigan, on               
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