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Text for Page 099 [04-01-1862]

	and the Mozart Regiment.     &c �
the borders of Lake Superior.   He knew my ac-
quaintances there, said that Capt Estabrook was
living on a farm, that Frank Noble was dead and
spoke of Bertha Livingstone.    A story was told
about a drunken young officer insulting old Heintzel-
man by refusing to obey his orders and calling
him �a Dutch s_n of a b___h,� which ended in
the chase and capture of the offender by the general�s
orderly.          Returned with Riley to his tent and
there slept on a rather scanty hay-bed on the
floor, the stars and stripes overhead, and my
host�s horse in the rear.
  2.  Wednesday.   A stroll through camp after
breakfast; the men preparing for review by Hein-
tzelman.   Joined Hall at the 63rd Penn.         Rode
back to Fortress Monroe; to Adam�s Express,
in expectation of remittances from the Tribune;
none arrived.      Met Mc Elrath, anon Heine,
the latter in search of a paymaster, or somebody
who would discount his order.     Writing in case-
mate, with interruptions.    Sent off letter to Trib-
une.     Out to dinner.      A letter from Bowery-
em, inclosing one from Richard Bolton.         A
dull raw day; felt damp and achey from
last night�s experience.  A �wine-prescription� by
Winchester and a doze.         An oyster supper at
the Hygeian restaurant, then hot whiskey and
an evening in-doors with Winchester and Hall.               
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