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Text for Page 100 [04-02-1862]

	  Arrival of Gen. Mc Clellan
Brigham looked in for half an hour to tell the
news.            Gen. Mc. Clellan arrived off Fort-
ress Monroe at 5 �, but did not come ashore,
there being much speculation as to his reason for
not doing so; the general opinion being the exis-
tence of unamicabale relations between him and
old Gen. Wool, the latter was said to resent the 
younger man�s appointment over his head.  Heint-
zelman and the other generals took a boat and went
to visit their superior officer.         It was surmised
that we should either advance on the morrow, or 
go into camp at Newport�s News.          A stormy
night, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning.
  3.  Thursday.   A sunny, hot day after
the storm.   Round to the quartermasters and
post office.  Hall, Brigham and I bothered by
neglect from the home authorities, the first and
best for lack of money, the second for authority to
get a horse.      Brigham advances me $20, in
gold.       Lieut. Mc Elrath, again, trying to get
horses disembarked from transport, another
vessel lying between it and the wharf.  (He is
2nd lieutenant of the 5th. U. S. Artillery, Weed�s
Battery.)    Everything seemed indifferently mana-
ged at Fortress Monroe, there appeared to be
no head, nobody responsible.    To Casemate.
Dined at Liver�s and paid for it.      Out to see
the parade of the N.Y. 10th, in the hot, sunny               
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