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Text for Page 101 [04-03-1862]

	        at Old Point Comfort.
afternoon.    While looking on, near the entrance
of the Fort, there came in Gen. Mc Clellan, with
four or five of his staff, among them the Comte
de Paris.    Mc Clellan is a thickset, youngish
man, with something of the pugilist in his physio-
gnomy and appearance; nor is he at
all dignified in gait or manner.       He walked
briskly past Hall and myself, into the fort, the
guard on duty presenting arms.       The band of
the 10th struck up �Hail to the Chief!� the sol-
diers, in their picturesque Zouave uniform, presen-
ted arms, and the idlers were curious and inter-
ested.       The little party disappeared in the di-
rection of Gen. Wools house.     After the parade,
when the adjutant was reading aloud the various
punishments assigned to infractions of duty � as
�two months, hard labor,�  �attending drill and pa-
rade in heavy marching order� � at the words
�for a brutal assault on a negro woman,� I dis-
tinctly heard one of the captains say, �And what
of it?�          The officers stood conversing toget-
her afterwards.         Winchester had got up a peti-
tion for the regiment to be allowed to quit gar-
rison duty and accompany the army; three or
four of the captains signed it, but Col. Bendix
was understood to be adverse.    Winchester was
very earnest and even irate about it.           A walk
on the ramparts.        A Capt. Or Lieut. Yelverton               
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