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Text for Page 102 [04-03-1862]

     Advance of the �Army of the Potomac.�
there, a young pro-slavery puppy, to whom
I had administered a rebuke at the bar of the
Hygeia, for his cackle about what he would
do with �abolitionists.�   Witnessed gun-practice
from a steamer.            Out, in party, with Winches-
ter, Hall, Cohen and boy.              To restaurant.
Brigham round to casemate in the evening.     An
advance pretty certain on the morrow.    It is
expected that we of the Tribune may be reinforced
by House.
  4.  Friday.   Brigham in by 6.   Up and
off, after breakfast at restaurant, while Hall
got his at the hotel.    Rode out with Brigham.
� of an hour�s delay waiting until Aiken got
mounted.   A sunny, breezy morning, everything
exhilarating.    Soldiers, cannon, ambulances, 
wagons, one living stream.   Hampton.   Parted
with Hall and Flotow for the present, they
having preceded us on foot.  Overtook Heintzel-
man and staff, beyond Hampton, within half
a mile of Newmarket Bridge.   Learning that
Gen. Smith�s division was advancing on the left,
that it might possibly have a brush with the enemy
on the Warwick Court-house road, while Heint-
zelman�s men would bivouac at Big Bethel that
night, I determined to desert old hunks for the
time being and to accompany Brigham, who was
attached to the corps of Smith and Keyes.   So he,               
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