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Text for Page 105 [04-04-1862]

	 In a ruined Meeting-house.
home, ate a hearty meal (principally supplied
by Brigham, previously, as a present to his
future hosts) and bivouacked for the night,
on our blankets, spread upon the floor.   I sat
up, however, till 10 �, writing a letter to the Trib-
une; really Brigham�s task, but he suggested
my undertaking it, and I was zealous to show
myself worthy of my pay.  So sitting on the 
wooden steps of what may have been the altar
or relieving that attitude by lying, I scribbled,
the lightning illuminating the wild, windy night
outside, and the camp-fires blazing fitfully.      
At the time mentioned I had finished my task,
and crept into my blanket, where with a sack
of corn-meal for a pillow, I slept soundly.    As
the even proved, I might have spared my labor,
for to the best of my belief the letter never appear-
ed in print.        Whether Brigham didn�t mail
it or whether what followed about Yorktown
eclipsed it in interest, I don�t know; anyway
I haven�t found it in the Tribune.     It was a
pretty complete description of the day�s experiences,
and had it come to hand I am almost sure that
it would have received the baptism of printers� ink,
for as Gay wrote to me, subsequently, �The curio-
sity and anxiety of the public, about Yorktown,
was feverish.�
  5.  Saturday.   Is told in the following letter:               
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