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Text for Page 108 [04-05-1862]

		The First Day
Some minor particulars.    I kept company with
the Mozarters until they halted in a grove of
young trees, where a scene very characteristic
of soldiers improvidence ensued.  On every side
one heard �Who wants a shirt? a pair of
pants, an overcoat?� many of such articles of
clothing being literally thrown away, from disgust
at the fatigue of carrying them.       Riding on I fell
in with a Capt. Walker of the commissariat, atta-
ched to Porter�s staff, who was anxious about
his beeves and their drivers.     Nearing the scene
of action I found Col. Hays with his men in line
in a field (afterwards familiar enough to me)
and he told me that Hall had stuck to Nevins
and Sneedon, passing the night with them in an
ambulance at Big Bethel, or thereabouts.      Pre-
sently at a corner of a field on the Yorktown
road, near a saw-mill, I found Gens Hamil-
ton, Porter and staff.    Here I was greeted
by Rawlings who informed me that he had
been nominated �aid� to Hamilton and appealed
to the gold cord surrounding his sugar-loaf felt
hat in support of that assertion.           He presently
introduced me to the generals.   Anon Heine
rode up in a state of considerable exhilaration;
and told me there was a house, to the right,
beyond a field and peach orchard, from which
the inhabitants had fled, leaving only the ne-               
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