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Text for Page 112 [04-05-1862]

	Rawlings �taking possession.�
a can full of oysters, which having dispatched
I had got to horse again, to see more of the day�s
doings when Rawlings appeared and invited me
to enter the house again, of which he incontinently
took possession, styling it �Gen. Hamilton�s Head-
quarters!�         He locked the entrance door, broke
open others and then began �Jayhawking� as he
termed it, searching for pillage.        I availed my-
self of the opportunity to have a good wash all
over, which Rawlings, finding a razor, shaved.
During this some soldier came trying the outer
door, when my �aid� put his head out of window
and authoritatively ordered the man off, taking 
the name of Gen Hamilton in vain prodigiously.
It was the orderly of some other general who want-
ed to procure oysters for his chief: I directed
him to the negroes, in spite of Rawlings.  Presently
finding a linen shirt I suggested that the doctor
should exchange it for his own, which was so
bestained that it looked like a colored map;
he acting on the idea.  �We�ll lodge here, for the night,�
said he, important, fussy, approbatie and rest-
less; �you shall sleep with me� � and he got me
to help him drag a very substantial mattrass from
one room into another, depositing it in a corner.
Then he ranted in imitation of Forrest.       Presently
the young negro wench was heard coming upstairs
� she had probably entered at the basement.   Raw-               
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