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Text for Page 113 [04-05-1862]

	          More of Rawlings.
lings went out to and questioned her.    I heard
him lower his voice and enter a room with her.
Guessing what he was after I tramped heavily
in his direction, when he returned and announced 
his intentions.    �The rest is too Samoedic.�   He
came back a little abashed and suggested that I
should imitate his example, delicately assuring
me there was �another� � in case I might have
scruples at succeeding him.      I declined.   He
then began to talk about his wife, exhibiting her
portrait, saying she was rich, he didn�t believe
on living on her, �and inviting me to visit him
at Tivoli, up the Hudson.   (His Samoedic be-
havior, by the way, was only a repetition of
what he did, at Halfway House on the previous
night, if what I heard subsequently be correct.)
Hurrying, I got him to horse again.   He had
previously ordered the negroes to prepare a supper
by 6 or 7 o�clock.       �Let us have some oysters
� stewed, fried and roasted, some pork � ham
� everything you�ve got � have those cowed milked!�
&c &c.       We rode off; he had but one spur
and was an abominably bad horseman, wanting
to walk or jolting off his saddle all the time.
I made for the scene of action, wanting to see
as much of it as I could.     Said Rawlings, �Shall
we behave like d____d fools or men of sense?�
demurring at going ahead.       He began to talk               
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