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Text for Page 114 [04-05-1862]

	The First Night before Yorktown.
of the terrible effect of shells &c � was, indeed,
a coward, and apprehensive of getting killed.  We
scoured the field fronting the saw mill and visit-
ed the New York 38th, Hobart Ward�s regi-
ment, the same I had visited at East New
York.   He recognized me and we spoke of Mc
Quade, the jolly captain who treated the party,
Jack Edwards and myself to champagne.    He
died at Richmond, having lost a leg at Bull
Run.   While we conversed the commanding was
proceeding briskly enough, and a shell fell in
the midst of the camp, hurting nobody, as it
didn�t explode.    The men brought it to us.  Raw-
lings left.        Lowe�s balloon was near.   To horse
again, hither and thither seeing what I could.
By this time it began to grow quite dark and
I struck for the camp of Gen. Hamilton, desi-
rous of sharing that supper and lodging.   At
the tent of Gen. Martindale I found Quigg, look-
ing rather drunk and dogged.     Sat and conver-
sed a while, everything around being dreary and
confused; shells bursting, a house burning,
and the wild night deepening.   Martindale in-
vited me to supper, but as Hamilton�s camp
was close by and Rawlings there, I went on
and fell in with a party, headed by the doctor,
nearly missing them in the darkness.  Hamilton
anticipated the invitation that Rawlings might not               
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