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Text for Page 115 [04-05-1862]

	     Supper at Clark�s House.
have repeated.     The doctor was at the head of
the party, trying to pilot them to Clark�s House,
in which he was no successful until aided.      An-
derson joined us.    Gaining the house we found
a capital supper set out in the basement, �
roast and raw oysters, ham, corn-cake and
excellent coffee � the negroes in waiting.  For all
this Rawlings took enormous credit to himself.
He was a grand sight, taking the chair at the
head of the table.    It was: �Would you like
some oysters in the morning for breakfast, Gene-
ral?       Would you, Major? � then to the dis-
mayed darkeys: �Get plenty of oysters, the first
thing in the morning!�       Anon he turned to
me at his elbow.       �I promised you a lodging
� can�t do it! we can�t stop here to-night; � Gen
Porter has taken this house for a hospital � 
Wrap a sheet of the Tribune round you, and you�ll
sleep well enough on the ground.�        It would
answer that purpose better than the Times, I
retorted, for everybody knew that journal was
neither cold nor hot.        I found out that what
he had stated was true, for when our supper
party broke up, soldiers were bringing the wound-
ed men into the lower rooms.      Determined to
remain in the house that night, if I could, I
went out, stabled horse, got a man to feed and
unharness him, and brought my trappings into               
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